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What Does Sinhala Mean. Left-branching language (see branching), which means that determining elements are usually put in front of what they determine (see example below). Sinhala slang is used by speakers of the Sinhala language in Sri Lanka, as well as many other Sinhala-speaking individuals.

Sinhala Dictionary for Android - APK Download
Sinhala Dictionary for Android – APK Download (Inez Wright)

Etymology: from + suffix that is speculatively connected to Sanskrit verbal root and thus the phrase would originally mean "lion-seizer" or "lion-killer", or it could be connected to Sanskrit which would then render the phrase as "lion blood". It is a member of the Indo-European language family. How do you say "My name is." in Sinhala?

Let us see a number of them below.

What does the name Sinhala mean?


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මනිමේකලාව = කාන්තාවගේ අවසාන යට ඇදුම l Hima Diyawi Himalaye …

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In other words, there is no subject-verb agreement. Sri Lanka was previously known as the Portuguese and British Ceylon, where did the Hindu and Buddhist name for it Sinhalese living in these area can speak decent Tamil. Download our free Sinhala learning app for iPhone, iPad and Android. … යන්නෙහි අදහස කුමක්ද? … yannehi adahasa kumakda?

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