What Does Screening Mean In Job Application


What Does Screening Mean In Job Application. You've spent hours discussing with your colleagues what the new hire should bring to the table and now you're ready to post the job description on your careers page and on job boards. Screened means your application has been reviewed and it passed/cleared the initial stage.

FREE 5+ Job Transfer Form Samples in PDF
FREE 5+ Job Transfer Form Samples in PDF (Antonio Sharp)

Are they doing a background check or what? A professional journalist, I had recently applied for a new job, and for the first part of the recruitment process the publisher made me play a number of simple online games from the comfort of. A: filtrar (quizá). "At the airport there is a screening process to make sure no terrorists can board the airplanes".

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It means someone looked at your application.

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I can guess they mean address, but I'm not sure. Help job seekers learn about the company by being objective and to the point. Saw this in job description today: "Familiarity with Microsoft Access and SAP is a plus." I've seen it before but when I look it up on Wikipedia I don't know which Think you know what it means?

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