Is A Cv And A Resume The Same Thing


Is A Cv And A Resume The Same Thing. Traditional Resume vs CV: What's the Difference? Both resumes and CVs have the same purpose.

Personal Statement/Personal Profile for Resume/CV: Examples
Personal Statement/Personal Profile for Resume/CV: Examples (Sue Knight)

A resume is used for job search, a CV—for academic purposes. If you look at their etymology, though, "curriculum vitae" should technically describe what happened over the course of your life, i.e So I would always call what I send for a job application a "resume", but recruiters in my space (IT) typically say "please attach your CV" and mean the same thing. We explain the differences between a curriculum vitae (CV) and resume so you know the best to use.

How are these terms used differently in different countries?

Let's put together a CV vs resume head to head and see those differences in more detail with examples.

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Even when they're spelled out like that, they both tend to sound pretty similar because they appear to contain the same thing. So they each provide details about your background to let hiring mangers and recruiters know what you bring to the table and if you're worth considering for employment. Is a resume and a CV the same?

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