Does Resume And Cv Mean The Same Thing


Does Resume And Cv Mean The Same Thing. Wondering are resumes and CVs the same thing? Sometimes you'll have seen it used to mean the exact same thing as "resume".

High School Student CV Template - Exemple CV Etudiant
High School Student CV Template – Exemple CV Etudiant (Hester Jimenez)

A CV and a Resume are two different documents. CV is the abbreviation of the Latin 'curriculum vitae', which means 'course of life'. Specific things to consider including in a CV for medical positions If you look at their etymology, though, "curriculum vitae" should technically describe what happened over the course of your life, i.e So I would always call what I send for a job application a "resume", but recruiters in my space (IT) typically say "please attach your CV" and mean the same thing.

Is any of the two actually better than the other?

It's Latin namesake is "expansive" for a reason.

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The term CV is an abbreviation for the Latin word Curriculum vitae. Americans and Canadians would only use a CV when applying for a job abroad. There is a big cultural difference for defining those two words.

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