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Curriculum Vitae Resume Australia. If you require extra space, please use a second copy of this page. What do "resume" and "CV" refer to in Australia?

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This detailed document details someone's professional history and related What's the difference between a CV and resume? List three people, including name, title, employer, address, and business and home telephone numbers. A curriculum vitae CV is derived from a Latin word means a course of life.

They assist clients in nearly every industry except legal.

The expectation in Australia is that most resumes are two, three and occasionally even four pages.


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In India, South Africa and Australia, the terms CV and resume are interchangeable. CV is short for "curriculum vitae"—or "course of one's life" in Latin. First of all, let's clear this out Curriculum Vitae (CV) is a unique brochure that gives a snapshot of all your milestones and achievements.

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